Aquariums: Beginnings are Delicate Times

Fresh water tanks quickly get crowded.

Photo credit: I got bored with my screen name / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Relatives visited about 9 months ago, and marvelled at the freshwater aquarium in my dining room. Full of happy , freshwater life, one of the children, I cannot remember who, asked if they could take one or two fish home with them. Of course, those fish would have found themselves in a jelly jar or one of those tiny fish bowls normally reserved for Betas. Instead of giving two of my prime specimens over to a short life of misery, I gave the child only one fish. Since goldfish are often used as food for larger, more expensive fish, I felt I wasn’t sending something valuable to its untimely death.

If you are new to hobby aquariums and fish, you probably shouldn’t start with something you saw on National Geographic or in a neighbor’s saltwater aquarium. Freshwater aquariums are the best beginners’ tanks. It is easier to learn about pumps, cleaning and maintenance, and fish diseases with an inexpensive set up. It is easier to start with a smaller tank and just a few fish. In fact, I started with just two fish in my freshwater tank. Since fish will grow to suit their environment, I had a couple of impressive looking freshwater fish in a year.

Ready? Then read everything you can about freshwater tanks and the sorts of water life you can keep in them. Afterwards, go to a trustworthy pet shop, and start shopping!


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