Make your own Reef Saltwater Aquarium

Setting up a reef aquarium was my dream. I have been trying many shops around with little success. Either what I like is not in my price range or the product in my price range is not to my liking. Finally I read a book which showed how to grow reef in the aquarium itself.

Reef Aquarium

Reef Aquarium

I took time off and saw my aquarium grow into a beauty.

Week 1 : Curing the Rock and assembling the Aquarium – (1) First I put sand in the bottom of aquarium as prescribed in the book. (2) Then I prepared saltwater measuring its specific gravity. The book said 1.025 and it took me 2 long hours to do it.(3) Now I filled the aquarium with the prepared salt water.(4) Taking a live rock I rinsed it in a saline mixture and put at the desired place.

Week 2, 3, : I changed the water up to 50% every week depending on the ph level. This is the period of rock curing.

Week 4 : Added new inhabitants – Snail, crab and algae.

Week 5 : Just wait and watch the growth.

Week 6: Add you corals – The beginner pack is what we put in this week. Change 25% water. Place the corals on the rock which has been cured now.

week 7: Wait for the coral to grow. Do usual maintenance.

Week 8: Add aquaculture corals. These will add colour to your aquarium. Let it grow for 2 weeks.

Week 11: Add fish and other invertebrates to complete your aquarium.

Keep a regular check on the ph level and specific gravity of water. This will help in healthy growth of the coral aquarium. Mine really looks cool after 20 weeks.




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