3 Fish to start with

An aquarium specially a saltwater aquarium requires the right kind of fish to start with. You will think goldfish, but that is a fresh water fish. So which fish to put in a saltwater aquarium.The fishes in saltwater aquariums require much more care.Do not worry there is no scarcity  of beautiful fishes.




A good fish to start with. Tangs come in all kinds of colors, and will make the aquarium look exquisite.They are available in all colors of rainbow.

But beware these are aggressive fishes. Tangs are known to attack each other.Always keep in pairs to avoid fights.

Their swimming habits mean the size of tanks have to be big. Don’t worry on that front, saltwater tanks are always big.

 Butterfly Fish

Butterfly Fish


Choose from over a hundred species of butterfly fish. Their designer bodies will make your aquarium an envy for your neighbors.

The swimming pattern of this fish will astound you. It is really beautiful.They are docile and are very good candidates to be the first fish in your tank.

Butterfly fish have varying eating habits and research should be done before feeding.


Coral Beauty

Coral Beauty



These are special but not actually like corals. Interesting isn’t it? Live Rocks are required for their hiding places.It has super colors which look like paintings.

Voracious eaters and need to be fed with marine algae and high quality meaty foods.

Also a large tank fish and the tank should be at least 70 gallons.

Start with these three and your saltwater tank will rock.






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