Therapeutic Fishy Fun

lightingI’ve been busy setting up a salt water tank as well as a fresh water tank, finding the fish and the working on the tanks therapeutic. I’m into keeping fish as I said – they’re calming for me. Apart from the different colourful fish species I’ve got darting around in these tanks, I’m getting a whole lot of enjoyment buying accessories for the tanks. Call it kitsch, I don’t care but these aquarium decorations are a big part of my enjoyment with the fish. Apart from a few aquarium plants, I’ve got some coloured marbles, coloured stone, some amazing and realistic looking coral for the salt water tank and yes, you’ve guessed correctly, the kitsch shipwreck and mermaid, and I love it.

Fish tank lighting is a bit too advanced for me, but someone I know has rigged up different lights for each of my tanks. I can’t tell you how pleasurable these tanks are to me, watching the fish glide effortlessly through the ship, towards the mermaid and through the coral as the lighting lights up the bubbles. I was recently reading that music is just not about enjoyment, it also releases stress from your body, and has many therapeutic effects; I am sure, the same goes with watching fishes in aquariums with these soft lights. It is just so relaxing. I’m getting enormous pleasure from my magical aquarium world, let me know if you’ve got any other ideas.


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