Aquarium maintenance


Aquarium MaintenanceAquariums in home keep your mood good always. But it requires maintenance regularly so that the beauty remains. You can hire a professional to take care of the aquarium if you do not have the time. If the services do not fit your budget you can start by taking a personal loan; that will enable you to take a year or two contract out with a Aquarium serie provided, this can actually save you money as signing up for a year or two contract gets you a good discount with most firms.

However caring for it personally is something I actually enjoy doing, although for the first year I had a company as I was too busy at work.

  • Keep up the diet – Fish need a diet just like us humans. Feeding just anything does not work. You will have to chalk a weekly dietary plan for the fish. There are many good sites available which give the information. You should start by consulting the specialist initially.
  • Do not change the temperatureWater has high specific heat capacity. Hence the temperature is quite stable. You do not need to heat it or cool it. Heating or cooling will have an adverse impact on the aquatic life both fish and plants as they are not used to change in temperatures.
  • pH Testing – As I mentioned in an earlier post detail  pH testing is a very important part of aquarium maintenance.
  • Keep it clean –  A water change every month will keep the grime in check. Algae will invariably grow on the surface and it decreases the oxygen content of water. The way to counter is to change the water.



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