More Fish for my new Saltwater Aquarium

I recently bought another aquarium. It was real fun starting all over again building an aquarium. However the fishes I chose I will be discussing today which look great in the drawing-room I have placed it.

pink spotted Goby

Watchman Goby – This is a real beautiful fish, but it is a fish that bullies its own kind unless mated. I chose the pink spotted Goby as the blue spotted one did not seem nice to me. These are really beautiful fishes and live with harmony with other species. It is very easily available and inexpensive too. The food for them is table shrimp very easy to get. The fish is really colourful and will add to the interior beauty.


Firefish the activity in your saltwater aquariumFirefish – This is an extremely active fish. They are small but colorful and right for an aquarium just for the darting activity. They are very easily adjustable with other species which is good for an aquarium with many species. Their food is zooplankton and algae. Just watching them in action can be a real stress reliever.

Chalk Bass the small wonder

Chalk Bass – The hardy nature of this fish means it should be in any aquarium. They can survive changes in water temperature and quality of water. They are small but very beautiful fish. A must have for every aquarium. Only thing to do is to add all the fish together in an aquarium to avoid to avoid aggressive fights. Though small they are territorial.


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