Saltwater aquarium – Different kinds

Saltwater aquarium

As you know a saltwater aquarium looks awesome wherever it is kept, but I wanted to use this post as a reminder that there are different kinds of setups for saltwater aquariums. Saltwater aquarium can be basically three types – Fish only, Fish with live rock and reef aquariums.

(1) Fish only – This is the simplest type of marine aquarium. Here the focus is the fish. The decoration is minimum and a good starting point for beginners. If you are a novice it is probably best that you should start with this marine aquarium type.

(2) Fish with Live Rock – This is the second type where a live reef rock with other forms of life is introduced. It is more complex and requires more maintenance than a fish only marine aquarium. It requires rock curing and proper light and temperature maintenance for green algae to grow. This should be tried only after you have at least a year of experience with a fish only aquarium.

(3) Reef Aquarium – Reef aquariums are the most expensive and the most difficult to maintain. Fish is only a small percentage of the aquarium as it mainly consists of invertebrates that live in the reef environment, like the seahorse. Regular upkeep is a critical factor, and really this aquarium requires professional help for its upkeep.


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