Aquarium tanks with sharks: My latest foray

Aquarium tanks for sharks in your home

I am really scared of sharks, and when my friends suggested that I keep them in aquarium tanks, I was like “No way!!” But my friend said it was really cool, so I decided to go ahead with it. To be frank, some of the fish I put in my tank did not look like sharks at all. They were sluggish and just sat at the bottom of the aquarium. I discussed it with my friend who originally suggested I keep sharks. He told me that most sharks are nocturnal and will sit at the bottom during the day, but are very active at night. It was not good for me, so I asked him if there were any types who were active during the day. He suggested the cat shark, and also told me to reduce lighting near my aquarium to get a nighttime effect. I got the cat shark and also dimmed the lighting, and behold, I had never seen so much movement in any of my aquarium tanks. I am really enjoying this foray into having sharks and spending hours gazing at them. You should also give it a try!


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