Anemonefish well suited to Life in anAquarium

Anemonefish and climate changes

Anemonefish natural enviroment threatened by climate changes is just one of the many headlines and articles we see in magazines and on TV about our threatened natural world. Climate change is affecting our world and certainly our ocean temperatures, affecting the supply of nutrients for marine life. With the likes of coral bleaching and the decline of marine plants, we may only get to see some creatures like the Anemonefish in our own aquariums at home. There are about 28 known species of this colourful fish. Anemonefish live in the shallow waters of the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Western Pacific Ocean. An interesting aspect of the fish is that they are all born male but are able to switch their sex so as to become the dominant female in a school of fish. The Anemone- or clown fish is always in demand for those who keep aquariums. They’re admired for their attractive colours and are well suited to life in your well-maintained aquarium.


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