Aquarium maintenance tips to keep your fish healthy

For the fish fanatic, keeping an aquarium is a rewarding experience, but it can also be expensive if you don’t follow basic aquarium maintenance tips. After cycling your aquarium, it’s a good idea to buy a water testing kit and monitor the levels of ammonia, nitrates, and pH. These chemical compounds result from the lifecycles in your tank and are fine at low levels, but can build up and affect the health of your fish. Never overstock your tank as overcrowding will cause increased stress, aggression, and diseases which can kill. Only ever feed as much food as your fish will eat in a few minutes, as any excess left to rot can cause spikes in ammonia and nitrates. Manage the amount of light – fish need a maximum of 12 hours every day – and never place the tank in direct sunlight, or it will be covered in green algae. Always monitor the temperature daily as spikes can encourage outbreaks of disease like white spot. Now for cleaning aquarium maintenance tips. Every other week you should clean the glass and hoover the gravel. Test your water, change 10-15% and rinse the filter cartridges with the old water. Do not use tap water as you will remove all the good bacteria. Any inserts should be changed every four weeks, and the filter cleaned thoroughly. If you hate cleaning, you could always invest in a smart aquarium. This 15-litre tank never needs cleaning, or a water change and the self-cleaning filter never needs replacing. The tank called Avo is fitted with technology that enables plants, fish and bacteria to create their own ecosystem and recycles old bacteria into plant food. You will Never clean your fish tank again with a smart aquarium; you just need to feed the fish!


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