How to Create the Best Extreme Aquariums

Have you ever wondered what you can do to bring back the sparkle to your old aquarium? If the idea of a simple aquarium with a plastic plant and colorful rocks is not your idea of a good home for your pet fish, here is how you can create one of the most extreme aquariums in your neighborhood. For starters, you need to commit to a single fish group if you will be successful. Some fish themes you should consider include monster fish, a fresh water community, African Cichlid, reef tank or a salt water community with artificial corals. The next step is making sure that your filter can handle the task. Also, add new gravel to make your tank look fresh and natural. Now put in some new furniture. This is where you can have all the fun you want. In this case, the perfect tank additions will have the biggest impact. Take into consideration how much into your fish theme you are willing to go. To create extreme aquariums, just ensure that all visual elements of design are satisfied; colour, depth, balance, interest and focal point. Now step back and enjoy your masterpiece.


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