Latest Aquarium Technology for your Home

For the fish fanatic keeping an aquarium is a thrilling experience, because you get to live under the same roof as an organism that normally lives underwater. Can it be taxing, though? Yes, if you don’t undertake basic aquarium maintenance on a regular basis. Latest aquarium technology by FishBits smart aquarium technology puts the fun back in the same sentence as aquarium maintenance. It comprises a monitor that keeps your fish company in your aquarium while monitoring your aquarium’s pH levels, salinity and temperature and a controller that ensures that the equipment around your tank is operating ideally around the clock. These connect to your home WiFi allowing you to control them from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. So can you to easily control and program your heaters, pumps, and even your dim-able LED lights? You bet you can. All the parameters are displayed on your phone screen via the Fishbits app. It employs the latest aquarium technology to take your fish anywhere in the world they want to go and keep them happy by mimicking the lighting of any location in the world.


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