About Fiona

I am Fiona. My parents tried to shorten those pitiful 5 letters into “Fee”, but I was having none of it. I ant all 5 letters honored whenever anyone calls my name.

If you couldn’t tell, I can be stiff, formal, and positively Victorian, or Edwardian when I have a lot of cash on hand, and expect something similar in return. I was either born too late, or too early. My teeth are constantly on edge as the world drifts toward a casual familiarity that makes me uncomfortable. AS you might have guessed, I’m constantly seeking ways to relax.

I can’t stand alcohol, will not break laws, and I don’t want to rack up debt on a gym membership to calm my nerves. Instead, I keep fish. In fact, I am in the process of setting up a saltwater tank. Fortunately, I have friends in the business so costs can stay low.

I’ll share my fishy adventures along with events from other areas of my life. Stop by, read, and add some suggestions in your comments. I can use all the help I can find!


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